We the souls riding the wave in this human experience have become quite uncomfortable with the day to day workings of living or how to make one on this planet. In a large percentage of my readings and coaching, questions like "what is my souls purpose?", or "what is my perfect job?" are often the focus.

The 'wake, eat, work, pay bills, don't eat because you paid bills, try to sleep' trappings of our modern society is soul crushing at times.  I personally find myself wondering how best we can make our time here on the earth ship more fruitful, more fun, less stressful and leaning into the real work which is relationships, connection, being of service and elevating mankind to no avail. 

If you're a light worker, if you identify with the term empath or Shaman or Healer or Spiritual seeker in any capacity I know you feel this uncomfortable-ness in your daily reality even more so than others. READ MORE.....

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