Michelle is a revered Intuitive who connects to the realm of the infinite to inspire change & healing. She conducts her sessions online via Skype or Facetime.
Michelle loves teaching people to transmute their energetic blocks into their own personal magic. Spiritual Devotion and Highest self evoltuion are at the heart of her sessions.

Michelle created The White Light Army & Free Hug Friday.

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Fun Facts About Michelle:
She was Varsity Cheer Captain of her college squad. 
Published two supernatural reads & one made #1 on Amazon's Best New Age.
She danced with Drew Barrymore backstage at The Strokes.
Michelle is an incredible Kitchen Witch. 
She can actually sing.
Is featured in the LGBT short film, Day One 
Loves gigantic earrings. 
Michelle is a multimedia artist,
mom, avid reader & dancer.