I've oscillated emotions between anger and sadness all week witnessing women I know rip each other apart over divisive memes and feeling the undercurrent, the chill of WW3 vs. civil war. 
It's never been more clear that a deep, spiritual healing is needed now more than ever. Spiritual/political healing.  Sure, we can't change the entire world once from behind a voting machine, but we sure can change the community, the neighborhoods in which we reside in both virtual and actual realities by our own daily actions.  What we DO, what we SAY and WHO we are on a daily basis at home, online, in our work place within our community matters most. READ MORE.....

Puberty bites for Mick whose gross appearance attracts constant
harassment of her peers. 
Unlike girls her age:
Mick’s maturing 
into a Werewolf. Before she was born, her father,
Chief Boyle barely survived a grueling wolf attack.
But healing magic was used to save him from becoming
part of a supernatural pack of werewolves.          

When Mick’s parents realize that the past came back to bite them,
they enlist the help of magical friends in hopes to undo “the curse” Mick inherited. 

     Mick's swan story is supernaturally entertaining.

Witch Wolf? The Curse is mentioned in both The Times News and Jim Thorpe Today. Set in and around Jim Thorpe, voted #4 on Budget Travel’s list of America’s Coolest Small Towns, this is an extraordinary tale of rising above everyone and everything possible standing in the way of growing up, normal.  
Brace yourself as Michelle Gallagher reveals what you
Haven’t been told about ghosts. 

 Paranormal Side Effects, 
Michelle gives a first-hand account
of her real-life paranormal cases. 
      With experiences ranging from demonic possession to curious men who conjure dark things,
 Gallagher arms the reader with the necessary Intel &  spiritual ammo to understand: 
what’s safe & what’s Satan. 
     Harmless things that we think are games - that we have the power to do- might just be messing with something real… that we don’t have the power to undo.  VOLUME 3 COMING SOON


5 out of 5 stars Don't do what they do in the movies.  By Latoya Brown (St. Petersburg, Fl)
This was a good read just in time for Halloween.
I LOVE being spooked, it's entertainment to me, but in this book the real side of the paranormal is shared. How spooky! What is safe and what is Satan, is a good question and I like how Michelle frames the overview of it all. I know I've been in some places and felt a presence and I'm glad it did not make the hair on my arm raise and that I felt it was ok to still be in that space. Also, I'm glad I did not take a queue from the scary movies and do acts that would provoke any spirits. Michelle really breaks down what is respect and what should not be done. If you like watching television shows that show paranormal activity you will be given an eyeful on what they don't tell/show you and this book is the one to call it. Great read! By Lisa Marie -

The Untold Side Effects of the Paranormal Phenomenon: Vol. 1 (Kindle Edition) I review things that I like, things I want others to experience. This book falls into that category for several reasons. With so much information out there today relating to paranormal phenomenon, I found the author's approach in this book to be fresh and unique. Though her experiences as a medium are not unlike any number of cable and TV hosts we've come to know and love, her perspective is an insight you may not recognize and just maybe, a truth you should not ignore. Though hugely fascinating, the paranormal is something most of us are not intimately familiar with. And just as you might not consider traveling to a strange city without a GPS, neither should you go here without direction. Michelle's revelations may just be the guide you need. She has a sincere, humble way about her that lends believability and makes for easy listening. As much as I enjoy a good story about friendly encounters with harmless spirits, I enjoy a quality, no BS education even more. In this book I think the author does a very good job of the latter. - ANA MS