I check in with this reading regularly, especially at the beginning of each month.  It is so spot on, I love it!  
Everything is shifting so well, both inside and out...Thank you!  Ariane Resnick, Private Chef - Beverly Hills, CA.

                                                                 **Per Your Star Sign**  

       This email reading points you in the direction of complete spiritual growth in the months to come.  GET YOURS HERE.

         It also includes:    

          A star studded message from Saige Winters

          A groovy soundtrack from DJ Erica Rhone

           helpful meditations & a discount code for beautiful healing gemstone adornments created by Tail Feather Designs.          

     All wrapped up in one eco-friendly email you can refer to over & again throughout the new year. The Akashic Records are an infinite  source of information that can be accessed to help you learn more about your divine blueprint.  It is a representation of the primordial life force energies that exist in all things, the collective consciousness and beyond throughout The Universe. This deck is the same deck featured in my weekly e-readings.  It was created and desigined by Danielle Noel/The StarChild Tarot.