Taking the Esoteric class with Michelle is by far one of the best investments I have ever made!
It was worth every penny & more. It has opened my eyes, yes my third eye too, my heart, and the ancient wisdom that has always been inside of me. It has allowed me to remember who I am truly, and that I am limitless. I have learned how to ground better, connect to my guides, ancestors, spirit, and my soul. I can attribute this Esoteric class to my spiritual success today and most definitely my future. Michelle is a wonderful teacher who never passes judgement. I urge anyone who is seeking for more info in the Esoteric Arts to give Michelle a try, she won't disappoint.
Casandra, GUAM.


How does a person wake up one day realizing their hidden potentials, and their ability to make positive changes in the world around them?
Well I began a spiritual journey with the help of Michelle Gallagher, my actual-living-breathing spiritual guide. I could not be more thankful for Michelle and her teachings.
I enrolled in her Esoteric Adventure class. The materials and lessons absolutely changed my life and my way of thinking. I honestly was barely able to manage my anxiety, even on meds, before this class and before i met this amazingly spirited woman.
Currently, my anxiety is completely managed, medication free, because i have learned to flow with my own mental cycles.  Esoteric Adventure blew my mind & my soul away with every single lesson which were not only full of wisdom and knowledge, but they were extremely personal and one-on-one. In fact, if I needed anything or had any questions, you better believe Michelle helped me with whatever I needed. I've been having my own spiritual awakening and journey, and without Michelle Gallagher, I am not sure where i would be today.
- Danielle, Hazleton PA.

    I joined Michelle's Esoteric Adventure January 2018. What attracted me was the intuition development work, because as a life coach, I need to exercise my intuition in how I listen & move forward with my clients. I've taken several of Michelle's workshops & this one seemed to arrive at the perfect time. I had no idea I was in for a so much more, but if I'm being honest, that's usually the cherry on top for me with Michelle's programs- always some unexpected surprises, transformations and gems!
Each week was full of group &individual activities. We'd discuss the topics each session. Afterword, Michelle provided several exercises and options for us to dig deeper, explore and start to play with the material. I really appreciated that there were so many tools and practice methods provided & we were given the freedom to work at our own pace. Some assignments were so fun for me, that I have included practicing them into my daily routine!
Since participating in Esoteric Adventure, I have an enhanced awareness in various areas of my life. I have a increased sense of being connected. My dreams have been insane. I see and feel guidance everywhere. There's also been an increase in weirdly delightful oddities, like singing a rare song and then hearing it on TV or the radio 5 minutes later or knowing what someone will say before they say it. Knowing... that's a great word. I feel like I have a greater knowing. Sometimes it feels like I've accessed Facebook's predictive advertising algorithms! With these spidey senses, I just might be a superhero now! 

   To anyone considering taking this program, I'd recommend coming in with an open mind & playing with all the tools and toys Michelle gives you. I can't wait to see what others come away with from this experience!
- Scott, New Orleans. LA

Esoteric Adventure really helped me understand how to harness my power as a spiritual being. This is a journey that cannot be taken in a few weeks and the class provides the tools you need to go deeper.
The live online classes were full of great information and guidance. It was so fun to connect with other classmates and talk about their journeys while working on your own.

Coursework and homework were challenging but Michelle was there offering guidance and support the whole time.

I'd recommend this class to anyone looking to sharpen their intuition and wanting to connect to the bigger picture! - Stephanie Allentown, PA.


Michelle has literally been a God send for me. She has been my intuitive advisor for about a little over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with every single talk we have.
I can honestly say, whenever I need clarity, honesty, and wisdom, Michelle is the only person I go to. I may start off talking to her worried, and unclear on what to do, but when we are finished talking, not only do I trust the information her guides advise me, but I always feel so much better.
Other readers usually leave me feeling confused and frustrated but I have never felt that way after talking with Michelle.
If you are looking for someone highly gifted, but also compassionate about truly helping you, then you are in the right place. Michelle, I cant thank you enough for all the guidance you have given me, you are one of the best I have ever come across in 
this industry.. Peace & Blessings - Alexis, Las Vegas NV.

Michelle has a unique ability to make dreams come to life. She is passionate, dedicated, and reliable. She is a creative forces fueled by tremendous amounts of enthusiasm for all things women, empowerment,   sustainability & the unseen.   

Jessica Corbin, Founder 
Vitness LLC

Michelle has a calmness that actually radiates. During our session I   could feel a type of energy I've never experienced before. I felt comfortable opening up to her about things I don't normally share with people in my life. And as I asked certain things, it was as if she already knew what I was going to say, and she got exactly where I was coming from. Having Michelle in my life is a huge gift and proof that universe really does have my back.                                                                         AmosMac 
Photographer, Editor, 
Publisher, Original Plumbing magazine  
Los Angeles, CA

   Today made my heart smile and I have no one to thank but Michelle Gallagher For those of you that do not know Michelle, for lack of a better term, she is a spiritual gangster. My dad has been deceased for over 13 years now. I had questions and concerns about that fateful day 13 years ago. Michelle used her gift to answer our questions. I can rest easy and be happier knowing what I now know. Thank you Michelle for all that you do for me! For those of you looking for these types of services, she is the real deal!  —Rich Reabold, Ignite Manager.

     I Skype with Michelle because I live in Charleston, SC.  It’s not our family members communicating through Michelle that has amazed me the most or even the proof from my dogs spirit (who recently passed) communicating to me through Michelle that made me realize the extraordinary nature of her gift (& this itself is absolutely amazing!!)  It was Michelle calling me out on my innermost dramas that blew me away the most.  She knows my fears & obstacles without me saying a word. Michelle has changed my life forever.  Each time I Skype with Michelle I feel so blessed to be experiencing & receiving the power of her love. I'm grateful beyond measure.  

Katie Lindler, Gallery Diretor.  Ben Ham Images

     Life hands us lessons when we least expect it. Most of us will question everything we believe in. Some of us will be lucky enough to find out who we are and where we are going. I am blessed to have crossed paths with a special friend.
 Michelle Gallagher thank you for your wisdom and for giving me something to believe in! 
Alice Roberti Phillips,               Roberti & Roberti Law Firm

Love & spirit bridge all boundaries! YOUR blog is so beautiful and touching ! Thank you Michelle Gallaghefor being an emissary of light and love and being willing to be the telephone pole for the "long distance " spirit phone calls. So much love and so much healing. Love you and your light.
Mary Beth, Intuitive Medium
Lehighton PA


One of the readings you gave me talked about an additional sibling I had, your words “ he is fighting an illness & is looking for you” 
“I see him, he looks exactly like you”.  Well, SPOT ON!!  His name's Matthew.  He was indeed suffering cluster migraines & when medical professionals we asking for a family history, he started looking for my mom.   I met him on new year’s eve!  He & his wife fit like a perfect piece of the puzzle.  SO THANK YOU!!  - M

I pulled up Skype and didn't know what to expect.  I didn't expect it to be epic.
                                                          - Julie. Brooklyn, New York.

     I had my first experience with Michelle when a close friend & mentor  passed.  I was put at ease the moment Michelle smiled & said her first words.  Her energy was strong & powerful, yet also very comforting.  She shared information that would only come from those most close to me, namely my friend, whom I loved dearly. There was such a love abounding from Michelle that I knew for certain that my friend was there with her. After it was all done and my friend had parted yet again, Michelle thanked me for sharing such a beautiful experience with her. I was left with a euphoric feeling that continues to lift my heart whenever  I think of my friend. Michelle passed on words, guidance & a transcendental experience I will forever keep with me."

 Frances Vieras Blanc                           

 Writer, Owner- Burlesque Moulin  Paris, France.