Super Intuitive, ULC Minister, Change Agent, Creative &Mentor.
Michelle was selected to study one on one with James Van Praagh 
& holds a certificate of Religious Literacy from Harvard.

She's been heard on Paranormal Science Radio and seen on Ghost Detectives.
Michelle founded the White Light Army spiritual community in 2011, loves teaching classes,
public speaking and hosting RED TENT events.

 Soul Nourishment

During an intuitive session, Michelle offers tools to help you connect with your best authentic life bridging loved ones who have passed on or your spirit guides for ultimate soul to soul  healing.   Private sessions are online via SKYPE or FACETIME only. BOOK an INTUITIVE SESSION.

Reverend Michelle L. Gallagher. ULC 2011,  is happy to officiate your WEDDING, Baptism, Life Celebration, holiday or special occasion within the Tri-State area. INQUIRE HERE.

Soul Coaching  For a decade, Michelle has been assisting people transform their lives, transmute their blocks & attain their personal goals by getting to the core values of their soul - which when married with a spiritual and physical adventure changes everything for the better.   This will help you peel back any layers that are keeping you from shining your truest, most loving self-the authentic YOU, the highest self you were meant & deserve to be..  BOOK A Consultation.

Host a Soul Celebration This unique opportunity brings SPIRIT to you. If you live in the Tri-State area, gather 6-8 friends or loved ones for an experience that is transformational. Host/Hostess gets a free reading.  Pricing includes gas, travel time free weekly reading for guests. Inquire here.

Inspirational Speaking  I'm a deeply passionate humorist who knows a thing or seven about spirituality the paranormal & using love to overcome fear.  I'm available for special events, workshops, tele-seminars or meetings. How will my ideas, words, experience or information impact your life, gathering, students or organization? Tell me your theme or objectives and we will start the dialogue for success.  CONTACT ME for rates or more information. Themes from previous & upcoming lectures:
  •      Daily Practices for a Magical and Miracle Filled Life.                        The Side Effects of The Paranormal Phenomenon.
  •     How To Meditate without really meditating.                      The Difference Between Magic & Miracles

Appt. Deposit

$ 20.00 USD

Please do not make a deposit until you recieve an appt confirmation email.

A non refundable deposit is required at the your appt is booked.
There's a 24 hr
cancellation policy.
Should you need to cancel or reschedule please do it asap.
Please note: 
Any business has the right to refuse service.  This service is no exception.

In accordance with the state of PA, any card reading is considered a form of entertainment.

 PLEASE DO NOT make a deposit until you have a date /time confirmed.

Donations are appreciated by not expected.
Every bit helps especially when families or people are in need and counsel and time is graciously given.